Wednesday, 28 November 2012

All human action whether positive or negative has a positive outcome 2.

Every action a human makes is a contribution to the whole, whether it is a positive or negative. All actions inevitably produce positive outcomes because the basic nature of humanity is to create. It is an overriding majority who prefer creativity, not destruction, and will always manipulate any circumstance to move forwards not backwards (we learn from the bad stuff, seeking to prevent a recurrence). It's just so fundamental that not any one individual, national-figurehead, psychopath, or killer can change the direction for too long.

So what is this property of life. This tendency for atoms to build themselves into more and more complex forms. Is it a form of inherent optimism, may not be a bad way of describing this property-even "pessimistic" behavioural traits feed into an individual's positive whole. It would seem to be so inextricably linked to the nature of the universe as to not be a choice. A predestination naturally locked into atoms and life and beyond, to envisage and employ more and more inventive ways of creating new and more advanced systems of energy and informational transfer. 

As long as the information that records actions is transferred between life, positive outcomes may be achieved from the most dire of consequences because of this positive pressure. One would sooner change the Laws of Physics than deter the direction of all.

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