Sunday, 31 March 2013

Postactivism Activism

Physical revolution is primitive. Atavistic tendencies of unrest should be shunned in favour of intellectual warfare of the soul. Transcendence to true democratic capability rides on the back of the communal intelligence of humans and not on some extrapolated physical occupation. One will realise that the revolution is actually social evolution. Spread one's activism through speech and thought and signal. Attack the minds of the youth not deepset physical institutions or concentrations of wealth/power. Lowering oneself to the physical realm plays directly into their hands. They are ready and prepared for it. Attack in areas that are indefensible. By occupying what you are really seeking to achieve is occupation of the mind, occupying the everyhuman's thought processes, even for a limited time to somehow exact an even small change in cognitive habits. Why not directly enact modes of occupation with more prespecialised gameplans customised to achieve the role with more precision? as in occupy the minds. Activist groups may feel they are already achieving this through physical statements. All they are doing is emphasizing the simplistic thought threads of an outdated approach, and rising heckles across the divide. They need to find a mass-market way of spreading their messages without turning people away. All that is truly being achieved is self-gratification that one is doing something.

Don't ask me exactly how this is to be achieved, because I am not the one who wants to enact change. But I would say that using the internet to facilitate the spread of viral memes will be the challenge of Postactivism Activism going forwards. Or just going to work and earning one's crust like everyone else seems like a sensible alternative, and using one's income to seed new and inclusive ideas to one's fellow human.

Many say greed is the bane of human existence. But I would counter that greed is the catalyst of all human development. Bettering ourselves and seeking to provide futures for our children is the very same drive that will ensure a future for the planet. Why are activists so against capitalism anyway? Because they are jealous of what others and their ancestors have achieved. They seek a big-brother-esque/communistic rebalancing of the scales in favour of a free-for-all that allows anyone willing to work hard, to achieve. If as much energy was expended in trying to better one's own life and prospects instead of trying to be a cancer in a system that has developed itself over thousands of years of social evolution, then the human race would be a better position to evolve its way forward to a better balance. Change can't be forced but needs to evolve through collective and individual advantages that feedback into the system positive changes for the collective and the individual, because a turning away from violence is the only way the developed world can impress and achieve needs for real change. This will come from within the everyman's attitude and daily toil and not through segregated and fringe activistic attitudes that are generally regarded as ill educated and ill thought out.

If only the everyactivist was able to think of ways of catalysing long-term change through non-resource-wasting methods. Attacking the mind of the populace and not its pocketbook. Then I think we would see really positive change. At the moment all we see is a very small amount of people creating a big annoyance that self-destructs the very cause it is plumping for. A way of being an activist and flowing with the wave is what every activist must be building towards. Reaching out, without being repulsed, to the masses in a way that will benefit us all with no negative wasteful threads. Because ultimately, approaches that are unable to bestow advantage unto the everyman will fall by the wayside.

So the gauntlet is laid. Please don't ask me to offer ideas on where Activism needs to evolve to to achieve this: this essay was but a surge of cogitation spilling onto my blog.

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