Sunday, 26 August 2012

Is Religion Built-in?

I don't buy-into the idea that we are born with the propensity toward religion though I do think the propensity is hardcoded into the genes. Only through possible effections like physical weakening and our genomes interacting with environments does a, shall we say, spiritual phenotypic expression of needs to seek out god, forgiveness, community creep in. The so-called 'finding (of) God'. Well I found god (a belief/theory) and found that God's interest (if he/she/it exists) would not be alligned to Man's limited wonts and desires. And would be more focused on the success of the universe; hardcoding already built into the fabric of the universe.

The human physical/mental and spiritual experience and our ability to find meaning where there is little did allow religion to flourish.

Go back three thousand years to a hypothetical scenario:
One group of 10 settlements are peaceful and trade among each other.
A second group of 10 settlements not only trade goods but also spiritual belief and a common religion is founded.
The peninsula that both groups share suffers a severe drought one summer and the crops fail.
Which grouping survives?

This is indeed natural selection, but as to the genetic feedback resulting from suchlike scenarios. These types of pressures effect on the genepool is a very interesting field of study I would imagine (I wouldn't know as this is all my own ponderings).

What is an instinct in a human. Is it something we cannot deny?
Can a man keep his hand in a fire if he wants to?

Conscious thought is malleable and though I do think the weakness of humans can give an individual the propensity for religious belief. One will only find the belief that oneself is capable of uncovering. Most people are fed tradition and are trapped by its routine, and their own propensity for routine.

I for one have never been trapped by routine and have evolved my own theory of how the universe ad infinitum could work.

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