Sunday, 9 September 2012

Should I Believe in God?

There are many theories of god evolving today; if I was inclined to believe I wouldn't seek to butcher the bible into plausible metaphors (not saying you are, I don't know you well enough) to feel I could believe in god. I would look for a plausible mechanism of god and that would be enough I think.

There is so much room within the unknown frontier (quantum mechanics, particle physics, astral phy
sics, philosophy etc.) and beyond to hypothesize a god that no one can shoot down, as long as one doesn't profess belief (depending on the flexibility of the axioms of the philosophical discussion). Some religions can be shot down when they stick to illogical literal interpretations/doctrine whilst seeking to discourse within Sciences terms of engagement. Though many religions are evolving the way they interpret alongside Science's proven mechanisms. To go for a mainstream (though my knowledge of mainstream religion is far from complete) would seem difficult because I am not aware of one that is able to let go of literal "truths" that are inconsistent with Science's provens.

The beauty of the human mind is that it can manufacture meaning when there is little or none. Any religious text could be reinterpreted to agree with Science if one was willing to redistribute meanings as one wished, though the mainstream may not agree. Religions tend to drag their heels as their preachers in power are too old to adapt their thinkings quickly enough.

Why does one need to believe when one can say god is possible. I don't see the need to have the psychological crutch so badly, that one is willing to let go of a reasoning agnostic position.

One can explore and appreciate the beauty of "God" without believing. One can even understand the belief in god from a position without that position. If one has experienced belief in younger life or moments of weakness or if one has converted to atheism etc. and more besides.

The subject will enthrall atheists and theists alike for years to come no doubt.

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