Sunday, 16 September 2012

Afterdeath: Subjective Eternity

As the brain shuts down, those moments of maintained dreamlike consciousness, as the brain slows down, image sequences like 'life before eyes' could theoretically extend out to a subjective eternity? Is it at this moment one assesses and judges one's life, like an iboga induced self-assessment. You being the one who decides whether it is hell or heaven you deserve.

Traditions of hell fire could be told by people who came back from the brink. As hormones diminish the full senses of the body are magnified and the brain features pain as its default, or pleasure depending on body-type or something more psychological.

Maybe the absence of feeling from the body, like ghost-limbs lost, causes the now lone brain to replace with imaginations of untold ecstasy or terror; a release of adrenal hormones from zones of toxins giving pleasure beyond measure, or the loss of sensation from the body causing a phantom body to be created in the brain that burns like hellfire.

What will your psychology/physiology deliver?

Will the shutdown extend forever; or does the soul truly fly free? We will all find out, or think that we have . . .

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