Sunday, 16 September 2012

Atheists Search the Cosmos. Theists search the Bible, Koran and so on.

A theist asked me: "Will science run out of steam?" 

Scientists will never desist as long as their findings/ideas work, are applicable. Theists will continue to spurn Science's principles and yet still drive their cars, watch their TVs, talk crap or sense on their computers; all devices created by scientific principles. I think there is only one camp here that is going to run out, evolve out, die out, of steam.

I come from the view that reality and proven facts are paramount in understanding the Universe, Reality, Infinity. Not fictions or sub-sets of spiritual mumbo-jumbo that have been purposefully constructed to manipulate the vulnerable.

Philosophy is amongst other things a pursuit of any possibility. But this produces cognitive conjecture, no matter how interesting. I am not saying that Philosophy or Fringe Science doesn't possess a theory that is correct. But they can't all be correct?

Science steps in to prove which theories are still relevant at whichever level presently attained.

Non-sensical babblings proffered to me on forums (regarding God and or religion) could cause any scientist to run out of steam, but only in his/her willingness to continue to participate pointing out the obvious to the unenlightened, uneducated, blind, ignoring envoys of a childlike state of humankind. Come on, it is time to grow up and wean yourself off the traditional controlling malefactors.

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