Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Monkey Took its Head Out of The Box

Will There Be A Religious Singularity?

If I was a god I am not so sure I would be so interested in the earth. If science has got it right and there are other cultures in the cosmos then it would mean we may not be the interest or simply one of many. I feel I would be pretty hands-off, let evolution run its course type thing.

So if we find evidence of life elsewhere or if we find aliens, is that a positive or negative for religions. Will they assimilate the findings and make it their own as they seem so increasingly ready to these days (except in America) or will the old religions fold or even evolve naturally away from present modes?

Why is religion so against these kinds of realistic, logical topics of discussion?

The discovery of life elsewhere would be a tricky one for religion to talk its way out of. Alien religions will be again as diverse as the Earth's. How can people entertain the idea of there being a creative force, which I do, but be so against the realisation that traditional religion is simply a mankind-muddled, even bastardisation of any type of realistic, believable-for-all theory of an intelligence behind the universe's workings. Some would say that the fact the universe computes makes it a computer, therefore it is only one conclusion/discovery away from being aware.

But what does traditional religion have to do with that?

I really do feel that for religion to flourish in an uncertain future it has to evolve or at least show willing to do so. I already get inklings of this happening. And mark my words, it will happen. Established religions are like any other form of social collection. They possess the drive for self-perpetuation. And people power (money), I feel, will push forward radically these changes. Almost like a possible Religious Singularity.

People's desires are more important now, and people want what they want. They want to believe in something that fits in with the world they see around them, and they see so much more these days.

The monkey took its head out of the box.

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