Sunday, 21 October 2012

Belief in God is Unproven

The agreement to disagree becomes default when all that is (il)logically left is belief. I would say that a respect of people's beliefs is essential in a peaceful world. But an atheist's challenge must be one of exposing a believer's belief for what it truly is: a belief (unproven).

If you are a person who is happy to believe then fair play, but never discount a thinker's right to question validity of any 'way'.

The experience I had of seeing the whole universe through god's eyes was an illness induced hallucinatory experience, and despite its overly-real type lucidity, I still class it as a projection of my own mind. I would find it impossible to interpret any such singular experience I would see through my own eyes as being absolutely real. Evidence of god's existence has to be recorded and verified by a respected group of people, people I might add, who have no pre-bias.

We must never give up the 'good work' (either side), keeps life interesting.

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