Friday, 30 November 2012

Why do the Good Ones Go First?

As we grow older I think generally we lose the arrogance, selfishness and egocentric behaviours of youth and learn to empathise more (as we become weaker ourselves) with others as we start to understand their weaknesses and suffering. This transitionary state of ageing I think is something that is inevitable for a healthy individual, and the stages of awakening can happen to different people at different ages depending on nature and nurture and choices made in intake of substances that can weaken etc.

Some people have an "old soul" during childhood, others become "old souls" in young adulthood, and others don't find the considerate and peaceable nature of maturity until they become old-aged. So we have a disparity throughout humanity of those who care more about others, in contrast to those who care more about themselves.

Now which type of individual is likely to live longer? I think the ones with the younger body/mind type are likely to live longer as they generally care more about themselves than others, and therefore are more likely to reach death later; coupled with physical vigour. In contrast old souls can't say no to this or that. They choose to please others at the detriment to themselves. They tend to not have the physical vigour of youth as life has reduced them down to a more empathetic state or understanding.

So the good ones go first not just because their body type is weaker as in matured faster and enlightened sooner, but they also, in putting others first, take on a heavy burden that will make them more likely to leave us first.

I understand that this isn't comprehensive, and is a little hazy, but I feel it does a little bit of justice to the truth "The Good Ones Go First". Quite simply, they are ready.

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