Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Theory of God

That which follows is a thought experiment, and not a crackpot, cultist belief.

Well I, as you all may have guessed by now, foster a deep belief in the new doctrine of 'Universal Creationism'. My belief is the ideal as any religion (which I will refer to as subsets) can be encompassed into its teachings. There is no fixed abode of God if you will. God is all you want it to be. The only fixed rule being that any stance anyone may take is immaterial in regards to conflict between subsets because god is all. Any interpretation has the will of God's blessing, though he has no will as such bar a symbolic will symptom of the universes ability to compute using an evolved structure/settling. In fact all the subsets of the world have God's designs flowing through them, and are mutually exclusive and emulative of gods ability to foster ALL his incumbents. The evolution of the universe and all its evolved/evolving subsets are accepted at once (indeed all subsets are still/always evolving).

My god does not need you to believe, and it assuredly does not want you to believe. It just requires you(as part of your inclusion in its universe) to be that which you want to be. And do this within its all.

All laws of science, physics, logic etc. apply.

All the movement suggests is that one calls god 'All', and bathes in the 'All' of 'All'.

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