Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Incessant nonsensical babblings (old stream of thought)

The pinnacle of peoples powers progresses progressively, upon perpendicular protrusions, as industrial satyrs escalate photosynthetic concubines, who develop finite methods of exposure to said materialistic civilisations.

Residence of powerful people part the clouds as the composite of power and structure sways in integrity.
Untouchable overlords flit numbers in reports that respond to rarity of resources that were raided, requisitioned and then routed around. The energy burns as fervouritive as a chocolate finger in a furnace of fiery finitism

Fools fail to focus on the future instead profits soar as pieces of paper appropriate pugilism and pistol whipping in a population of power crazed punks that seek to relinquish all the pressure from their own arteries and ignore the awesome answers that our ancestors asked of us by augmentation of the still present yet hard to visualize evolution of modern populations.

The fear of genetics is real and understandable yet there is no way that a destiny can be stopped. A singular fate for oneself is hard to understand maybe the variables are to diverse yet a situation as that of mankind being of infinite diversity is hopelessly under the control of fate with an end product of power impossible to curtail.

The reality of our situation is scary for many, as the masses are motivated - as a child – by propaganda of newspapers that package purist ideals of softness – which do not work in practice – because the inspiration of many of our kind has been lost as life has become to easy. However out of the many strive a few that seek artistic ecstasy wrought by the desire to evoke reaction in the less imaginative. Emotional response is for some everyday occurent in lives filled with mystery from miasmal visions that circumnavigate the decadence that is starting to encompass a now globalised civilisation. 

Waves of wonderment bombard us from eccentric, crazy and drug induced trance that the people so look down upon not realizing the ideas generated by damage to and expansion of the mind that alternate viewpoints altering brain chemistry and the connections therein cause. Provocative as ideas can be drugs whilst altering brain function do untold damage to the body in a catch 22 that only the unfortunate enlightened sufferers are introduced to.

Seeking and exploring all have a part to play.

A human mind that does not fulfil its potential is inevitable for everyone that has ever been human.

A so called super being who has governance of common sense to its extreme coupled with an intelligence of untold power is nigh impossible as the people who exhibit these attributes feel themselves funnelled into the field they are gifted to. Two lifetimes would maybe be enough or just do not shelter genius from real life fearing that a person will miss out somehow by not achieving true potential. A genetically induced 200 year lifespan given to a super being is probably a target that will be sought as the greatest technological advances in biology develop to the true extent as mankind follows the aforesaid fate that he cannot ignore.

Super sentience is a sentence supplied by life that follows an inevitable design, created for what reason or by whom we still struggle to understand. If gods are in control, the answer is simple as religion is wont to believe. Or is a more structured, active, organized use of energy inevitable as atoms just do what it is in their nature to do. Maybe both of the above answers are correct as an invention is likely but the source is unknown and out of sight. We must achieve more, much more before we will have the gift of this understanding. The true knowledge of the cycles we are within………………

Unending universes anoint us with awe that strikes our consciousness with the desire to comprehend.

The ability to comprehend our plane of existence doesn’t seem to far out of reach, time being the only hindrance to explore the unending amounts of universes that are of a size we can feasibly interact with but to understand or even involve ourselves with the endless scale of matter within our own bodies and everything else on the same plane as us within our line of sight we would have to develop techniques of probing that could exist outside of technology or any other machination. Maybe a projection of the mind could penetrate the infinite universes below us that organise themselves into the constituents of our level.

Does a god exist within us and from a miniscule vantage control the next link up.

For us to become the god we must penetrate up a level.

Being an observer in the next level in itself poses problems as a vast expansion in mental energy and the powers produced as a by-product would be required to create a gigantic astral eye that could interpret the information from the vast amounts of universes required to form the strings that make up the structure of this higher level but to actually be in control and as a governance create a system by which the next level is organised by our will to the extent where life is created and – dare we dream it – controlled by us, we ourselves with our combined wills would have control vast numbers of universes on our plane to have any chance of manipulation. This would seem like the ultimate goal but this has already been achieved by our god / gods / entities of significant understanding/technology / manipulation of biology.

So what is the ultimate goal? How many levels are there? Is our planes eventual control of the next level up not governed truly by our level as we are ourselves controlled from within / the god level below us. If we are controlled by them, who controls them. Are the levels an infinite chain where the only true god lies at the bottom? Who created the true god what is the source. Is the chain a circle where eventually the circle of life will be complete, as life finds the source? How can there be an end or a beginning. Everything must be infinite but the structure of infinity is what we seek to discover. Maybe our circle of existence (or chain) is one of many; well using the idea of infinity, we have two choices…

: Our circle is infinite so there is only one that takes up all the space that exists in everything.


: Although our circle is infinite where there is one there must be another due to the fact that infinity exists and is                                         applicable to all forms.

If the latter is true our circle must be one of many that when combined create an ultimate one universe. This one universe is the goal of all life as all life seeks to penetrate it and explore its infinity. Could this one ultimate universe also be one of many that’s quantity is also infinite?

Theorizing can turn up ideas and claim discoveries but one thing is certain, there is no end to everything, and we will never understand how it all works, we may discover / explore some of it if our species reaches its end-form in evolution but the adventure will never cease and our appetite to know will never end as mysteries of the universe always seem to contradict within the scape of our imagination.

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