Saturday, 26 January 2013

Infinite possible configurations of matter.

Maybe the Universe's individuality, its configuration, is decided by differences that themselves have an infinite amount of possible states/configurations. Infinite amounts of laws of physics if you will, not only on our plane (quantum to edge of visible universe or other universe on comparable scale of resolution), but also going down in scale infinitely, into the infrascopic past Planck and beyond without end. So if matter is tied into its inner states going down infinitely, the permutations of these possible inner states are also infinite? due to this infinity there is no way another earth could exist that is the same because it is inextricably linked to an infinite system that expresses itself in an infinite amount of possible variations. So there are no repetitions.

And so, if one travels out into our visible universe or outside of it into an infinite expanse of our universe or indeed a universe beyond it that is one constituent of a multiverse, on our scale of existence, there are no copies of our earth or of oneself out there in infinity because the possible configurations of matter/existence, are endless ways in which to be expressed. 

I suppose the question to ask is whether an infinite amount of possible configurations is contingent upon being tied into an infinite internal history or not? Or whether the amount of possible configurations can be limitless within a POV scale that ends around-abouts planck?

So how does the prior sit with determinism? Does an infinite possible amount of states mean matter can be anywhere other than where it's supposed to be? Would there have to be an infinitely precise method of configuring these states to take on their properties? Would an infinite expanse of the infinitesimal infrascopic scales of matter, if linked to matter on our scale, cause an infinite chain of cause and effect that can't be reconciled theoretically?

I personally wouldn't talk about predetermined, though all movement is cause and effect; decisions are make-able, just a sequence of events that leads to present state.

Within the infinitesimal cause and effect chain there could indeed be a lack of cause and effect (lack of time-lag anyway) because internal states are directly linked to the larger. So instead of a history, it exists as simultaneous movements on an infinite scale. 

This seems like quite a decision to make. Direct instant effections, or cause and effect internal histories spiralling down infinitely with time a factor that builds up the further one goes.  

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