Saturday, 26 January 2013

All human action whether positive or negative has a positive outcome 3

Having more is our fundamental character. And to have more we have to take from others. Taking from others by force is becoming increasingly hard. Taking from the willing by being constructive is positive.

I would never be so bold as to suggest negative action doesn't exist. I am saying people always as a collective seek to learn and stop negative action as default. There will always be contrary examples, but that does nothing to disprove that the most developed and productive nations on Earth are successful because of their ability to turn negatives into a positive.

I will concede there is a long way to go. All nations of the world have to work for the common international good, and stop squabbling for nationalist ideology to be thrust forth. The EU is a shining example of people trying to unify to be stronger and more just for all.

We can say that good and bad are just conditioned sociological states, but what about the tendency of atoms to group and form molecules. What of the tendency of life to group and form self perpetuating protectorates, innately. What of the natural instinct of people to accumulate and build? Matter has evolved itself, within its own confines/laws to be inherently productive and creative.


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