Sunday, 27 January 2013

Three Zones of Infinity

Infinity by its definition includes all, as in everything: meaning there is only one true physical Infinity. Of course Infinity can be chopped up into sections which possess (POV) infinite properties, or certain directions can be taken infinitely; but for me, shall we say, Absolute Infinity is quite simply All and everything: as in "Infinity" is by nature a singular state.

I see our Visible Universe as one POV constituent within one zone of a three zone existence (taken from human perspective), of which there is our scale (let’s just say atom to edge of visible universe as an example of being one constituent), there is infrascopic scales (zooming in as with a microscope on matter to the infinitesimal, like a Mandelbrot zoom ad infinitum) and there is suprascopic scales (which are say a sea of trillions of universes making up a multiversal blanket which could be viewed all at once but then zooming out further until the blanket becomes but a spot in a collection of blankets and then) zooming out infinitely: I would see the latter as the diametric opposite of the infinitesimal. I would see the scale of human perspective stratum as just one layer in an infinite stratigraphy of POVs at different zoom functions.

So basically a stratigraphically layered structure to Infinity at different scales.  

So our Visible Universe is, in effect, a POV bubble that resides within an infinite stratum on our scale which in turn is one layer in the stratigraphical construct of All (we know there are layers by what is testable in quantum physics and chemistry) but these layers are dictated by the scale of vision of the beholder. 

It also needs to be said that the human POV is of course not limited to the visible universe, but one is able to travel infinitely (in theory) along the human POV stratum whatever that may turn out to be; without changing scale, just moving the bubble's centre as the subject travels in any direction through an infinite single universe (infinite zone of matter or protomatter areas of expansion and contraction) or multiverse (this is only categorisation). 

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