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I know they haven’t stopped chasing us. I can feel the warmth of their weapon breath hanging in the clouds local to this place of transit. I hope it’s a figment of my Black Hole mind. The inactivity of talent coalescing warnings just in case; the underused mind flipping lonely burgers in the dark.[W4] 
It wasn’t my idea to come out here, OUT TO THIS CANAL THAT CONNECTS AND BINDS YADDA YADDA GALAXY YADDA. America, my closest friend, had suggested after seeing what the passing millenia of grief were doing to my state of flux. And I can’t disagree with him. [W9] Maybe getting out there to see that dark spot in my past again, for real, not through simulation every century after century, will help me come to terms with her loss—in fact so worrisome was my obsession that I had had to dedicate a whole subroutine of plasma jet matrices to slowly wean my mind away from constant checkups (of how she’d been killed, or the exact point in space)—and give my daughters much needed closure to refunction their systems.[W10] 
So we wait for our transit (EXPLAIN ABOUT TRANSIT/TRAVERSING A LITTLE) to coalesce from my youngest daughter Jude’s[W11]  thoughts, these beautiful young creatures that share my essence—correlate in some way with my quantum blueprint, and I. I still see the sequences of my wife in their emissions, in their dreams. They stand here angling their little radiating faces to me as if searching for some understanding—to maybe figure out why our destination holds such fear with me—but I do not emit. I haven’t the resources to release one comforting transmission. [W12] They keep their radiate focus on my streamer—so I entangle [W13] it so they can include themselves more in its data—but they seem more at ease having recognised the cause of my silence is the very loss that distresses them too.[W14] [W15] 
“My star is going to . . .” Desira[W23]  pauses, looking at me as she muses, “. . . be my governess of all the galaxies once we bring them back together.” I think she seeks praise; I just give a slight nod and turn my attention back to Jude who is wrinkling up her magnetosphere in concentration.[W24] 
“Imagine there is a little girl on your host planet who sees the future for you,” [W26] I say trying to help, and I see her magnetosphere smooth [W27] out and the sidewall reappears and wavers to a solid.[W28]  “You’re nearly there . . .” my entangledstreamer[W29]  feels warm as I emit strong gamma rays [W30] with pride and encouragement: and . . . . . .
As we travel my mind is wandering back over how the Universe got in this predicament in the first zone. [W44] We should have bridged these gaps a long time ago; [W45] but the other galaxies weren’t ready for the radical implications of my Fem becoming the first starmotherer[W46] .[W47]  The power, not to manipulate darkmatter as had been done for cycles[W48] , but to convert darkmatter itself into light by altering the physiology of stars, was seen as an affront to the establishment as it was then.[W49] 
Jude’s face emitted interested spectrums. [W61] I couldn’t remember those times myself.[W62]  My wife[W63]  had created me millions of years later, once her star’s physiology transitioning fully to psychology[MSOffice64]  had reached sufficient emotional-intellectual maturity for her to realise she needed a contemporary vent for her desire to procreate. [W65] My formation/birth occurred when my wife’s star had expanded its magnetic field wide enough to affect a nearby black hole into a new quantum mechanical form . . . me.[W66] 
ADD IN SOME KIND OF TURBULENCE AND FEAR FACTOR WITHIN THIS FIRST SECTION TO KEEP SOME SEMBLANCE OF TENSION RAMPED. And descriptions of the kids fooling around in  the back; but then they are being chased and attacked. But escape.

[W92] Peripheral Reason
“How’s Andromeda[W115] , America?” I say glint firmly in my beams. “I trust your bridges are keeping up with ours?”[W116] 
“We try to recruit as many from the Darkmatter galaxies as we can . . . better than your lot,” and we do embrace now, deflectors clapping on backing up sparks flying. “I can’t quite get my deflector arms right the way round you,” I prod.
“Play it your way . . . So, are you coming with us?” I say on a silent channel.
“For dad too.”
As we travel we inherently group[W132] -up, and Galaxialist systems do what it is in their nature—by forcing us to travel through pitched asteroids and clouds formed by impacts—to hinder our journey. To my surprise the violence doesn’t frighten my young starmotherers; the bitterness perplexes them but the evolving patterns of lithic barrage while disgusting them hold little bite as a path through these turgid backstreams is easily forced by a collection such as ours. For a moment we are freed of the mourning that had gripped us on the way here, and the memory of her is far from our minds.
“They pepper us because they know who we are,” says America, a resolute cast to his radiation emissions.
“As long as it only adds up to slung rocks I think we can handle it,” says Arthur, his ships surrounding us, targeting the incoming with curling particulated beams and archaic style nukes he is quantifacturing on the fly from the dust produced, to sally right back in random directions. As if they had heard him the Galaxialists up their frequencies tenfold in the blink of an eclipse.
 I can tell from the expressiveness of Arthur’s wings’ formations that he is enjoying this all immensely; inventive patterns to the lay-eye would seem embellished, reckless no doubt. But I could see the tight tolerances the complex displays were being forced to adhere to to keep too many chunks from filtering through the defences. His enjoyment was in no way a reciprocate measure of how much danger my girls’ planets were really in. Even the home defence grids of the maximalised populations spread through their star systems, advanced as they were, would be no match for the trillions of rocks that would careen through a gap of a few thousand kilometres.
“These traitorous bastards have dialogue with Dark Matterer scum. We have intercepted communications unbounded over the last many cycles,” says America sharing a seemingly infinite sized bandwidth of streaming bytes. I meet his stream with an identical one of my own and they cancel each other out. America gives out a wry expressiveness in his ......
 “With you here I thought we’d have better than enough protection for this trip. They must’ve been building up for this for millennia.”
“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” says America, “it’ll take more than this,” he says pointing all around, “to derail our de-escalation of violence.”
Inside I agree with him; we have achieved too much since the new technological dispositions my wife had bequeathed to us for it to all end here. Fuck. Would it even end here; how can I be so arrogant to think that my daughters, America and myself are so important a part of the direction evolution must surely follow by rote?
And just as the violence around us was turning my thoughts back into my head, back to that day when I had lost her [W133] to untold pain and then void, the volleying from the Galaxialist outposts ceased, as if turned off by a clapper or a mindswipe gate.
“Do you remember the happenstance of when we first met—” says America stopping up his magnetospheral influences, making a show of turning his focus in my direction, “—that first day of recognition that we were both indeed sentient. Somehow your internal quantum mechanical machinations, unbeknownst[W134]  to yourself, had leaked out into the shell that was me before awakenin—”
“Yeah, and through my careful ministrations your mind evolved out to the point where we went to war with each—”
“Well at that first moment I knew that it was going to be your desire to join our two galaxies together. And the prospect of that both disgusted and terrorised my newly found consciousness. I mean, how was I to know the inhabitants of the Milkyway were going to evolve to the point where they would be worthy of their galaxies name. How could such a young black hole be expected to read such a future.”
“There is a lot of actions I regret from the times of Collisionism; I thought we were over all of that?”
“My point is that we shouldn’t be so hasty to judge the ignorance of the Galaxialists, or indeed the Dark Matterers,” and then I got the point of his retreading old tropes; he wasn’t speaking for my benefit, though he was directly addressing me. He was speaking directly to my daughters and the possible effects this extreme situation could be having over their populations[W135] , the addressing of myself merely a contrivance to show how important his statements were for their younger minds.
The girls were indeed rapt in his words.
The egos of the governments in charge at the time were just too greedy to stomach any kind of power sharing exercise. Andromeda deemed The Milky Way to be too advanced and powerful to risk being cast into something new under its umbrella. England uk history). They used dark matter to buffer and violently prevent the galaxies joining. The milkyway wanted to take Andromeda and colonise and control it but Andromeda used the assistance of another smaller galaxy (which it merges with) to prevent milkyway exerting influence and allowing the joining of the galaxies to occur naturally.
The cultural mixing with their larger economy—during the extinction phases of the Great Collision (The Milky Way is home to advanced civilisations. The scenario we are discussing is taking place in other galaxies that have been oppressed for a long time. There is a real disparity between the galaxies and there technological prowess.
The galaxies are not prevented from colliding; they are manipulated in such a way as to facilitate them to pass through each other (though there is some violent interaction). The Milkyway is very advanced in the story's present.)—still links us in ideology and support, but our antiproliferation treaties mean our borders are breached now with more confidence. The Dark Galaxies sense our weakness.)
I now realised why the Galaxialists had ceased their onslaught. We had reached the central hub of the end of the arm of Reason.
“Don’t worry too much,” chimed an automated response satellite, “That kind’a welcome is common to Outworlds round here. To be sure, the fact you’re whole systems and black holes no less, has got them ‘specially riled tomillenia; not used to seeing your kinds travelling this far out, but I’ve seen worse.”
And then the satellite turned off his attention and ignored us.
The metacasino that was the capital of Reason consisted of a dense and large cloud of unruly, highly evolved dust particles, smart enough to realise that to coalesce just enough that their cultural differences didn’t mix drew in megatonnes of interested sentients who always left with less matter than they came in with. Betting on which speck of matter would interact with another speck of matter seemed to be so fascinating to Galaxialists that whole planets lost their crusts from their backwards ways, or even went so far as to have molten cores snuffed out by energy reapers and  nanodisassemblers: as the cloud grew fatter. It was almost like a microcosm of what the dark matter worshippers designed for their galaxies and the universe; keep things spread out as an ideological paradigm. Conserve[W136]  the rights of the smallest minorities of sentience to maintain their borders and separations by wholesale scuppering of memetic evolution. This smaller version benefitted quite well from the galaxialismistic views that harbouring the freedom to war as separate power structures inevitably manifested in interesting seemingly random matter collisions to bet on.
“Girls . . . don’t look at the monopolies.[W137]  It’s not a suitable example.” I can feel the scans of the cloud’s trillions of factions being fed to me by transmissions from my girls. The lust to destroy something so complexly aware creates brainstorming maps of communications from countless motes of intelligence. I pull the girls close, under my event horizon to shield them from predatory, lustful beams.
“They’d chop you up and sell you off to the highest bidders in a sunstorm[W138] ,” I said in explanation. Why the hell had I sheltered them from these truths for so long? If their mother was here she’d be slapping my face in disgust at how I’d perpetuated their naivety.

[W139] .

“At least they don’t pelt us,” says Desira.
“They’re too greedy to waste their tiny accumulations. I’ve been watching them. All they do is exchange atoms around and around in circles until they have shrunken down from planet size to small dust cloud, but I reckon they’d never let go of matter on a zero-chance.” Hope falls silent and leads the way out of the metacasino and into a volume that is as devoid of matter as the cloud had been abundant. And we all hush our emissions instinctively knowing we drew closer to the nofield.
Then I see it. A globe of black so pitch it is darker than the visible universe’s vacuousness. We head towards the dark gravefield . . . I bite my ergosphere down in volume until it nearly touches my event horizon, to bring my mind away from the pain of being back here; and the irony of this useless gesture, as why else did we come? We pass a threshold and are met with a sight so expansive in its scope that it dwarfs the metacasino down to insignificance.
“Father, it’s full of planets—” says Jude, and I can see her mind whirring: “why don’t the monopolies simply take the matter that’s in here? There’s enough atoms to grow their cloud out to ten times its size.”
and I curse the naivety and ignorance I have allowed to cultivate itself in my absence of attention through grief. As far as any nonentangled sense can see is a sea of dead planets, planetoids and dark stars; held in stasis fields to prevent gravitational collapses and the reevolutions of matter that could bring. This place is dead and every one sentience, for differing reasons[W140] , wants to keep it that way.
“This place has become a dumping ground for war-destroyed [W141] planets since your mother met Oblivion[W142] ,” I say, bowing my entangled stream as if the curve galaxial-downwards could make the horror of this place more bearable. “It started off in memory of her; so it becomes a literal graveyard; there may be no physical remnants of her as such, but the planets provide tangible gravity to her memory.
My girls huddle into my event horizon further, their stars blueshifting then returning to norm.
“Do you want to unite our vision for a little while?” America takes this as cue to slip out of my attention with Arthur’s swarming in tow; the girls don’t answer but I feel the retinal radiation soakers of my entangledstreamer’s input boost exponentially and zoom out in all directions a three dimensional simulation of the planet field. I can feel the torment of my children’s populations climbing for my wife, the greatest individual minds of us clamouring to vent their frustrations and disgust of the new information they now received from me. That she wasn’t just murdered. That she was tortured for...... I didn’t want my girls to know this much of the truth but being here again is stripping me down . . . I can’t feel anything . . . it feels like the zoom function won’t end and as much as this field of destruction has no end in its record of the pain and suffering of humans who perished on these irradiated worlds. I am out of control and I assume one of my daughters has seized our vision . . . “Father. The pain. The suffering.” And I feel Desira’s starbursts thrust out like a tangle of randomised sidewinding snakes; but as if programmed or destined towards one heat source in the future they all curl about and impact all in one spot towards the edge of the simulation in my mind. The heat burst fries our connectedness.
I’m flashed back to my black hole vision to see America being stabbed by Dark Matterer lances. Banking smart lasers spaghettifying a webbing of golden chaos through his bloated midriff. And despite the fact many of the smart lasers are pinching each other out in mutinous attacks on fellow source machine-planets, it’s apparent America is now pinioned to one volume of space. He tries to expand his gravitational influence but the more he struggles to right himself and his immediate surroundings the loopier the bonds become.

 [W2]Tension, youngest daughter tries to coalesce the transit, will she won’t she, she does. Symbol of girls building a new vehicle for humans to travel forwards in. Microcosm.
 [W3]Man treading road too alone as feminist ideals are eroded by modern culture. One road being trodden, but the resurrection of feminist ideals would create a twin road to intertwine with.
 [W4]Men wasting a potential union with women lonely in the dark,
 [W5]first starmotherer=feminism as in the old ideals that are needed to return (old feminism can’t return (her older form), a new form of equalism must prevail. Does story end in a joining between blackhole and starmotherer
 [W6]Feminism has been slain and women are retreating behind pressure from men. Women even believe that the sexual decadence they participate in is their own desire, whereas it is but a translation of man’s lust?
 [W7]Children weep under a loss in self respect, and the loss of respect from men/gentleman
 [W8]Her views deemed void by pop culture (some need to come back)
 [W9]Missing the demanded respect of the feminist movement
 [W10]Wanted women to be more than they have become, through lack of ambition and the oppression of dark matter men
 [W11]Betrayer of Christ, betrayer of religious-type social constructs of the past. Keep name as it means moving away from and bisbelieving the benefit of religion, in fact preference to cash/consumerism/capitalistic natures
 [W12]Certain aspects of the pastpresent masculinism must go forwards. He still sees the feminism-streak within his children. They need reassurance and guidance from him, but masculinism doesn’t hold enough to teach the girls of the future the way, and he mourns the loss of feministic enlightenment.
 [W13]Entangled streamer is the willingness and man’s wanting to be inclusive entirely to women in modern culture (Some good men).
 [W14]They focus on the masculine stream (popular culture moulded by desires of men) for comfort,
 [W15]Girls understand that he is uncomfortable with the situation of objectification of women (and men: learnt by women from men)
 [W16]Hard to peal away from the greed of humans (greed drives positive development in capitalism too)
 [W17]Protection from grave incidents (they protect populations on her worlds)
 [W18]Seeing a women with ambition buoys up a man’s hope.
 [W19]Mind is most important in moving forwards, not reliance on personalised experiences/solipsistic idea forming belief structure (selfish religious enlightenment and selfishness of controlling malefactors). Observation holds the truth.LINK TO LATER RELIGION SECTIONS
 [W20]Recognise the danger in the world, in the race/street, but don’t show fear to the next gen cos they will have to face it bravely on confidently.
 [W21]Predesigned reaction to seducing modern decadent cultural structures.
 [W22]Desire and preconceived ideas adrenalized pursuit structure, can threaten to nullify the youths potency.
 [W23] Embodies the desire-ridden/obsession of modern culture.
 [W24] Copying of the past whims of greed and pursuit of power is something the youngsters believe adults want them to emulate, but father seems uncomfortable seeing this tendency in his child. Praise for worship of celebrity and power and religion etc. Jude is concentrating on new way.
 [W26]Little girls hold the future. This is to create confidence/positivity in his daughter/human race
 [W27]Influence of women having less turbulence/problems to succeed.
 [W28]What is relevance of sidewall or should I change formation that is made to fit symbolism?
 [W29]Entangling male and female properties into the way forwards, way humans go about doing things.
 [W30]Short wavelength radiation
 [W31]New way, vehicle of jude
 [W32]Transition joining place
 [W33]Is this what is to happen later? First SM and Jude join forces to free themselves and allow BH and America to combat the dark mutterers. It is one beginning for what needs to eventually happen.
 [W34]It will be dark and hard to sway and enforce new ideal. Men have neglected to see the light, though they recognise and search (truth is the secret lies at home in women. Hope comes before the new Desira of the modern age. Last comes Jude and what she embodies. Hope can show the way sometimes.
eds that uild my ownt out the middleman ware/awake. She tellss ds
 stops them assembling in stupid way, like for relligious hea [W35]Hope of youth is greater than adults. Hope can help recognise the grave seriousness of ending the old ways jude frees us from (giving her structure and ability to not destroy herself(both D and J)) and the tempering of desire.
 [W36]And hope can create a willingness to do much of the heavy lifting, hope for a better future. Determination of youth WILL convince the oldies.
 [W37]Pessimism of old age . . .
 [W38]Can waste energy and resources when passed onto the young. Old have to feel and wonder what the young want to present re-evolving of old ways. Then the young will give love and thanks to the old by keeping them in a sharing of the control situation.
 [W39]Reminding them to keep going forwards.
 [W40]But of course they will always do this, it is their nature to develop (but of course a little moulding/reminding is required.
 [W41]Speed to be able to bath in goodness/light, over this is even better.
 [W42]Road will be rough, with many trying to prevent the ascent/transport forwards. He is happy at his childs bearing, but also sad about death of his wife ADD IN moving towards the ability to bathe in goodness may require seeing outside of the norm/box. Obama is such a visionary/ mention the power and reverence/enlightenment of the leader of the Andromeda galaxy. though restricted by the system.
 [W43]Name the cluster, introduce as part of description at beginning “Cluster Normal” brief explanation of why it’s called cluster normal and why they are there.(earths neighbourhood).
 [W44]Still travelling towards the speed of light, instead of being there already.
 [W45]Of course nationalism and non-globalisation should have been tackled already
 [W46](she is a normal women, a scientist, who transcended within the code (copy of herself, original woman lived out her life as normal) to create the first).
 [W47]But of course there still are many nations not ready for truly empowering women.
 [W48]Galactic revolutions
 [W49]Affront to the old malefactors of power, the socialist and women influenced ideas of inclusion and real community. Seeing the light; living in light. Altering the nature of those we worship (celebrities) to educate for the future (role models). Spreading these ideals out to create first truly intelligent men BHs. But of course the old desires and social addictions aren’t ready.
 [W51]Official account (rhetoric) is that equality is alrea dy supported, but the truth is governments are far from supporting it.
 [W52]Truth that its all a load of shit, and they need to lead the change
 [W53]idea the earth needs to be looked after/greenism to effect a change in selfishness and consumerism/ do things not in a slowing down development way but in a more clever inclusive way/less wastage and this has to be spread to the stars of the world, those with power.

mother earth’s (empowered women) way needs to be looked after, to effect change in people to look after the way more
 [W54]sun/famous/worshipped ones/cultural-lead (popular culture) is the thing that drives the culture in the world
 [W55]the draw to effect good in the world has to be improved
 [W56]enlightening required/ to be conscious of the problems, needs to be enacted.
 [W57]Confidence and assertion of feminism to put their ideals into popular culture, to reordinate the world.
 [W58]Do men claim it to be social evolution? (post war mentality).
 [W59]The culture was one the feminism movement wanted to release and take back as in claim a continuing stake to but the popular culture evolved much further than the feminists could idealogically agree with.
 [W61]Hope always hopeful
 [W62]New age men didn’t exist then
 [W63]Do I name her? Olefemi and Neocul old feminists, neo culture
 [MSOffice64]—in fact giving them a psychology for the first time(The psychology of the stars, created by people, is the basis for a star motherer’s intellectual development. It grew from a magnetic field seed and spread through the star, only later was the more effective technique developed of simultaneous recoordination)—
 [W65]Neocul (womens influence) helps shape new age men, once pop cult. Gets to a psychologically mature enough point, to realise men and women need to be on the same level to shape the future incarnations of pop cult.
 [W66]Black hole = old way of men. Int.BH is new age men. Pop cult influences men enough, under female ministrations, to form new age ideologies amongst men.
 [W67]Original compassion and empathy that drives womankind isn’t dead. The extreme feminism (the original woman?) adopted by the first starmotherer to battle and fight the darkmatterers is an outmoded feminism that was overly feministic, but had strong ideals which now have been diluted by man's influence on culture.
 [W68]Extreme feminism is still alive but ultimately it is self destroying due to its extreme views.
 [W69]Pretend over the top (gaseous) female impersonator
 [W70]The pretend freedom created by having so many important issues at hand/subject wasn’t enough for extreme fem. To carry on (didn’t fit into new age)
 [W71]Extfems battle with male domination/influence ends in feminists loss of influence, and new empowered women feel empowered but are still too under manipulation of man’s desires. Millennia of dread is from 1000bc to present day.
 [W72]Ext.Feminism voluntarily demoted itself to wishful thinking
 [W73]Original is offered opportunity at the end to transcend up into the starmotherers new combined existence with BH she and he assume human form. They are black/negroid.
 [W74]Trying to reintroduce the extfem to somehow reinfluence culture is doomed to fail, the newage female influence is the only way, but it needs to regrab some of the old extfem ideals.
 [W75]Certain countries want to prevent the freeing of women.
 [W76]Old religions find change difficult, transcendence of mode of religion not accepted against old beliefs.
 [W77]Spread of life, the protection of community through common belief/tech (different systems played with at first, which we all evenly matched, but not transferable as explosions between different types of dark matter streams occurred. Until new system came (science) newage (TO BE USED LATER?)
SHUFFLING is about spread of dark thoughts and resources to perpetuate dark
 [W78]Light carrying new particle that has mass but at speed of light, that doesn’t destroy things, and because of the mass higher than light travel occurs; this works by matter being fooled it isn't being observed, so it behaves differently to how it should and is then able to be carried; this technique was first used to allow dark matter to carry more load (people aren't looking then evil can prevail in its business); but then later a more free nonobservance policy actually allows the light bridges to be built; without being fooled they are in a observable-vacuum they wouldn't be able to carry the loads they do (quantum mechanical foibles).

how can religion be converted to a new form like science? My idea. Hints of my idea.

violence of religion
 [W79]fear of reprisals stops people speaking out against the teachings of islam etc. Bad peoples interpretation of texts and refusal to entertain change. Respect of minority and difference wrongly used as emotional blackmail to accept oppressive practices (we have our traditions).
 [W80]Religions attack on the young and impressionable.
 [W81]Can be used to transport things both directions not just one like dark matter, dark matter flows like water. Light is able to propagate in both directions simultaneously/ And when it does so it moves objects faster than light. some kind of interference pattern allows this.
 [W82]Development of western values, capitalism, light carries more truth (combo of man and woman produces light)
 [W83]Symbol of mothering instincts of west compared to some male-centralised, atavistic cultures in the world.
 [W84]New weapons tech is a threat to the world, in the hands of extremists.
 [MSOffice85]Expand description of their unease
 [W86]Desira wants to lay bursts of tech-enlightenment/cultural bomb, to cut through the darkness. Average children of the world are enough to push the changes.
 [W87]Mischief of desire is on fence between bad and good, but the power of modern culture to enact change is tangible.
 [W88]Struggles and competitions of the young will find a way.
 [W89]Orbiting what has been before(satellite offspring/culture) but probing new ground through culture(magneto)that can move itself cilial(create movements).
 [W90]Description of journey: symbolises the journey of humanity.

 [W91]Man boosting down the darkmatter road (not light yet due to changeovers restrictions) moving to the boundaries of development, but worried about the challenge of facing what may come.
 [W92]The death/kidnap of first starmotherer and the graveyard of planets represent the backwards reversion of society to the pressure of male sexualisation.
 [W94]Edge of reason, reason is arms/weapons of men.
 [W95]Getting out of the vehicle of the future is at the edge of reason.
 [W96]Aggressive and bent(twisted) weapon that exists only on the outside of the way it should be done (Milkyway)
 [W97]Dark on the edge of reason. Edge of . . . .?
 [W98]Outside of marriage (marriage of galaxies/unification is the way)
 [W99]Bad people in world look on by as bad things happen, and sabotage good in their countries.
 [W100]Being oppressive and bad can be very profitable
 [W101]But good tries to connect with good and is large in number and increasing. Good to see likeminded people of America/Andromeda. UK/US clutch out into the dark, end(s) to light is a possibility even (Happening)now(realtime). long way to go to bring US and UK back together (unified), but might be first to do so.
 [W102]We may have fertile cultural exchange, but a reunification of nations is of paramount importance
 [W103]Fly into consumerism(consumerism drives tech development visit later as positive)men with heart worry women get lost in consumerisms clutches; waste of resources. Unknown danger is the loss of hope for future in consumerism(gratification of now)love of ... is lessened for quick fixes.
 [W104]Hope can be lost to the shipments of useless consumerist goods; memetic signals sent out by need for this and that are demanding.
 [W106]When the particulars(details) hit him he recognises the consumer cloud hides no danger as it is a friend, and no longer worry about comsumeristic tendencies as consumerism seeks to create a perfect kingdom on earth(Arthur), so why worry. But the consuming of weapons to keep arthurian world a possibility, to use force of arms . . .
 [W107]Then allowing the entangled world to flourish.
 [W108]The worry he had was tenfold, now reduced as the ideals are right, he perceives them as right, even modern man is weak to allure of weaponisation
 [W109]But obviously the chivalry of old was overbearingly masculine, and overprotective to the point of extreme oppression. Protection isn’t complete without ideal world of Arthur. Arthur’s ideal is tailored and grateful to men having power.
 [MSOffice110]This area has been resculpted however, by the violent death physical of the starmotherer, and her consequent legacy thereafter.
 [W111]Dangerous times where backwards nationalism is rife, one needs an Arthur to fight against the even more oppressive. This place represents the perpetuation of warlike traits and nationalist ideals: like the flashpoint war between us and uk during colonial years.
 [W112]Us and uk men are joined in their reverence of arthurian ideals.
 [W113]American culture revealed in consumerism shipments to the world and they swallow it, American culture is aggressive in its allure. a position achieved because of the first greeting of a nuclear weapon, the glory of victory create the glory of cultural opportunity/respect.
 [W114]The largest single act of violence in history, this side of nuclear Armageddon extends a field that will keep powers serious acts of gravitas at safe distance(cold war). But the women of the world do not respect or like this act, but manage to drive past this travesty and embrace what emerged culturally from it(the shock to the world drove change for the good). Military fear may exist, but there is no such fear of the culture among western women (the rest of the world is a different matter)
 [W115]Most beautiful of cultures, and the culture of America is a big sacrifice to the beast of humanity.

Perseus/main BH, persistence and ethical values

But this story differs in that they rescue each other at end, from the beast of human desires.
 [W116]Is the culture/politics of America keeping up with britains liberalism. Hhealthy and well-meant competition.
 [W117]Dig that the size of America could be a weakness. Recruiting from all over the world is key (better than america’s own(humourous dig). This competition and digs are well accepted, despite sparks and prods in the back.
 [W118]Pushes away but it isn’t aggressive. Still keep separation, but this will disappear at end of story when the union occurs.
 [W119]Superiority opinion, not serious/reality. Still separation, but are you coming with us—and sharing secrets.
 [W120]Fascination/obsession with cold hard money, and brashly flaunted dreams, to get the girls and have it all etc.
 [W121]Simultaneous gratification, joke from the newage girl(end of religion) America doesn’t listen to seduction of new way, but does . . .
 [W122]Good(not evil)made of light/hologram of: 4=strong Spheres that absorb idolic popculture join with the event horizon the war produced(see index) America gobbles up the new culture; that aims to give women all they want . . . but does it do this?
 [W124]But this new culture of gratification is for men too, it soothes the loss of feminism cleverly.
 [W125]Subconscious differs
 [W126]Men need women to sooth loss of feminism? . . . but she doesn’t say it because the irony of men not missing feminism consciously, though culture of men is suffering. But one of those looks of a woman. He thinks he doesn’t say anything because the tone is suitable but subconsciously there is regret and humiliation, shame, embarrassment.
 [W127]Ergon=work; place where energy and mass can be extracted from BHs
 [W128]Praise each others work and work together.
 [W129]Irony of dancing in the debris of war destruction and manufacturing.
 [W130]Old Men’s ideals are danced around by women’s games and influences.
 [W131]The way forward is reluctant to dance in consumerism and destruction caused.
 [W132]Tendency to group together going upwards/forwards in development(modern slang term)

 [W134]Emphasizes historical context of colonisation of the Americas.
 [W135]Popular thoughts
 [W136]Nationalist views. Conservatism. Selfish reasons to keep the galaxies separated monopoly of money

 [W137]PROBLEM: Separate economies: To maintain monopolies [W137].
 [W138]Does the sun expand and contract as it passes closer and further away from the sun??? What is this called?
 [W139](if the galaxies are united it is the only chance to evolve to the next level of universal control. Not just lightmatter linkages but then a way to organise stuff to affect the universes very purpose).
 [W140]On the edge of reason.
 [W141]After star motherers death the zone is used as a dumping ground for dead planets (irradiated in wars.

 [W142]Is there a big boss at end? Oblivion?

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