Wednesday, 27 July 2016

All for One and One for all

If there are infinite possible configurations of matter then somewhere out there in infinity: every film ever made has actually happened in reality with one of the characters featured in each movie having dreamt of your life has written your memoirs as a hobby during off camera sections. So everything you could possibly ever think of as in any story you could concoct without exception has already happened: indeed anything that is possible any scenario involving matter or anything has happened and will happen again an infinite amount of times. You somewhere somewhen were Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Mickey. You were Genghis Khan and Mahatma Gandhi. You were a snail and hare: a bomb. You are at this very instance The Karate Kid and Mister Miyagi, an intelligent renovelisation of War and Peace, strontium atoms humming the cha cha cha. Everything and everything is you connected by space time existence infinite: at the same time now before and forever always out there somewhere. Looking for gateways.


  1. Hey brother, been awhile.

    But, in answer to your post. I think it is more that there is the potential that everything has happened (considering Quantum Mechanics Superposition and Many-Worlds theory).

    All stories, and all things, have happened, but only as a potential "Superposition" of what has actually happened.

    1. That's a point. If a particular quantum state for a said sphere of influence has been repeated over and over within an infinite existence ... do the quantum states link/entangle automatically and resonate amongst each other, as in a type of quantum entanglement?